Hoeve den Anholt

Het Dwingelderveld National Park as a backyard

The two guesthouses can both accommodate two guests and offer every possible comfort - even for a longer stay. 

The yard and lands have a total area of ​​three hectares, which means that there will be no lack of outdoor space. In front of the farm is the old orchard, also called Appelhof. Here, there are various standard fruit trees of very old varieties between old beech and hawthorn hedges. A vegetable garden has been laid out within the hedges, entirely according to the old Drenthe tradition. The fruit harvest can be tasted and in the second half of the summer and autumn there are also checked products such as puree, jam, stewed pears for sale.



Max. capacity 6
Hoeve den Anholt Ruinen, Drenthe

Drenthe shows itself here from its most authentic side with countless burial mounds and dolmens in the area and the es-village landscape that is so typical of this region, which has remained beautifully intact over the centuries. Ash trees (spherical fields), hedgerows and brook valleys adorn everywhere and the green villages of Ruinen, Havelte and Dwingeloo are nearby and well worth a visit. There are plenty of options for walking and cycling, while there is also plenty to do.


This pearl was built around 1614, which immediately brought us to one of the oldest farms in Drenthe. That antiquity still resonates here and there. For example in the old trusses, the old box bed and the pompestraat - the place where all the wet work was done. Against the façade, three centuries-old linden trees are displayed like old guards.

Hoeve den Anholt Martin van Lier
Anholt 7
7963 PZ Ruinen
+31 6 55976611
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